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12 September 2005 @ 08:52 pm

Hello all! Thought it would be fun to post in a few of these addme communites to make some new friends or at least have people review my stuff. ^^;;
NAME/AGE/LOCATION: Diana Moon(not my RLN but it's what I go by)/22/Bay Area
HOBBIES: Collecting books and various anime series merchandise, watching movies, doodling, writing fanfiction and original fiction, basketball when I can, hanging with friends, graphic design, and translating heh.
MUSIC: I like mostly anything... Really into Dance music and alt rock/punk. Of course the occasional boyband or just pop. Recent bands I like are Chemistry, Coldplay, A Simple Plan, Lifehouse, The Shins, Frou Frou, Darren Hayes, and others. ^^
MOVIES: Fifth Element, Titan A.E., Jerry Maguire, Spaceballs, Spirited Away, Blade: Trinity, Beauty & the Beast, Lost in Translation, Garden State and a few others.
TV SHOWS: Battle Star Galactica, LOST (recently got addicted), Smallville, X-Files, Friends, Simpsons (old seasons), Comedy shows, and some others heh.
BOOKS: Book of Earth by Margret B. Kellog, Invitation to the Game, HP of course, The Thief's Gamble by Juliet McKenna, Only Alien on the Planet, few others...
ANIME&MANGA: Quite a bit, mainly Escaflowne and Cowboy Bebop. Like to read raw stuff too. I'm all over the place.
VIDEO GAMES: RPGs, Driving, Fighting, some strategy, SimLife, some platformers.
DISLIKES: Know-it-alls, teenyboppers (for the most part), "hardcore" rap, rudeness, stupidity, seafood, "college humor" (although I do like southpark)

Harry Potter Related
: Prisoner of Azkaban. I truly love the darkness and the way it was played out. The dementors were superb. It's also my favorite book heh. And even though it's my imagination, I love all the Harry/Hermione time. =D
Book: PoA is still my favorite although HBP I'm slowly starting to like more. I'm not rather fond of GoF though the movie adaptation may change my opinion of that. I've only read all the books once through and heard the audio version of the first three.
Character: Originally Harry and a bit of Hermione. Mostly Snape nowadays and Lupin is slowly growing on me heh. Don't really hate any character though I kinda don't care for Ginny. *shrugs* OH Umbridge! Who can like her?? >_>
Class: I like both Potions & DADA heheh.
OTP: Harry & Hermione... ^^;; I don't mind Ron/Hermione as it is canon but I just can't see Harry with Ginny. Oh and I see no need for Lupin/Tonks even if Lupin needs a little loving. Slowly getting into trio fics tho heheh. And slowly becoming a *gasp* Snupin fan....
Snape is: a complicated man who's sacrificed his whole life I think to defeating Voldemart.
Dumbledore is: Jury's Out. He may just be as conniving as some people believed him to be.
Fic Types: SnapexHarry Gen fics with the occasional Severitus. Recently light Snupin, and HxHr fics. Any good reccomended GEN fics I like to peruse also heh.
Why I like HP: At first I didn't... I thought everyone was just getting on the HP bandwagon and it wasn't untill the second or third book came out that I began to read it. I fell in love with it for its potential to be more adult and dark. It had a lot of those elements yet somehow came out as a very young adult book. The writing, although not superberb, is very distinct and thought out. It's a refreshing read. =D

Friends Related
Looking for any friends around my age or older who have similar interests and likes to have good conversations that don't lead into argument. I like writing fanfiction and just started getting into the HP fandom so love people who wouldn't mind helping me out... Slowly getting into the ArtFandom and drawing... My journal contains everything from personal rants to random memes to fanfic recs to just daily life.

Me in a nutshell: Former Animation student now trying to get a BA in Japanese so I can get into the translation business while writing fantastic novels on the side.

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phonaesthesiaphonaesthesia on October 15th, 2007 02:40 pm (UTC)
You sound interesting... adding you. :)
Diana Moondizilla on October 15th, 2007 04:03 pm (UTC)
why thank you! Always happy to make a new friend. ^_^