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05 November 2005 @ 04:04 pm
Name: Máire, which is pronounced Mar-ree, which is a name I hate my parents for giving me.
Age: Nineteen.
Location: Surrey, although I come from London.
Likes: Luna, Hufflepuff House, James/Sirius, The Power Of The Four Ps (Petunia, Pansy, Peter and Percy), Krum, Harry/Ron, Sirius, OldSchool!Harry/Draco, Ron, Pansy/Ginny, Laughing At Snarry, meta commentary, AnagramGeek!TomRiddle, the Slug Club (generally and specifically), Harry/Luna, StElmo'sFire!Marauders, Lily/Narcissa, antlers!Pansy, "Blaise Zabini's mom" jokes, school ties, nott_in_parks, Fleur, Laughing At Tom Felton.


I'm into jazz music, trashy teen novels and the poetic works of Alexander Pope. I love philosophical debates and James Dean and I'm currently drinking a glass of cranberry juice.

Dislikes: Not the biggest R/S fan in the world, although there are plenty of them on my flist and there've been no casualties as of yet. Try not to think about Hermione's moral code as is headache-inducing.
phonaesthesiaphonaesthesia on October 15th, 2007 02:40 pm (UTC)
Adding you... add me back?