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Where you have a chance to meet other HP fans, spread the word :)

Make "Harry Potter" Friends
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This is a community to make new friends but more specifically, who are interested in anything and everything about Harry Potter! So go and post away to make some new HP friends! Don't forget to spread the word - this is the only way the community will survive!


- Please, this is only a making friends community, no news, pictures, etc.
- If your posts are overly long (very word lengthy, large pictures, etc) please use the LJ-Cut tags.
- Keep this community "bash" free.
- No promoting of anything (websites, communities, etc.): if you would like to affiliate or have me advertise something for you then visit here
- Posting: This is an add me community that is focused on your interest in Harry Potter. When posting, please keep that in mind and explain your liking of Harry Potter, your areas (characters, book/film, ships, etc.) Don't forget to include your basic details and anything else you feel like sharing.

Happy joining and make lots of friends :)
from your Maintainers.

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